Avoiding Accidents

New Indiana law requires drivers to move over after a minor crash

A new Indiana law known as the “move over” law requires drivers to move their vehicles out of the roadway as soon as safely possible after a minor crash. The new law went in to effect July 1, 2016 and […]

Hoverboards Deemed Unsafe by Government

After numerous reports of exploding and burning hoverboards, the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has determined hoverboards create an unreasonable risk of fire to consumers and consider those not meeting newly published safety standards to be defective. The […]

Kentucky Senate passes Bill requiring Safety Zone between Motorists and Bicyclists

This past week the Kentucky State Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill that would require motorists to give bicyclists a 3-foot safety buffer when passing on a roadway. Cycling is a “growing mode of transportation” said bill sponsor Robin L. Webb, […]

Roadside driver drug testing may be coming to Kentucky

Kentucky state officials are considering whether to use a roadside driver drug test to help combat the growing issue of driving high in the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety is testing the accuracy and reliability of portable drug […]

New Child Booster Seat Law in Kentucky begins today

In an effort to improve child safety in motor vehicles, and to reduce the death and injury rate of those children who may be involved in a motor vehicle accident, a child new booster seat law goes into effect June […]

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