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There are an estimated 702,000 adults in the state of Kentucky who are afflicted with some type of disability, and there are even more in Indiana. This means around 20 percent of the adult population in Kentucky and Indiana has one or more medical or health impairments.

Most of these folks press on with their disabilities because they still need to work to sustain themselves and their families.  Unfortunately, many of those who are disabled simply are worn out and can no longer even try to work. But they still need some kind of income or financial support somewhere. That’s why government benefits programs are in place to provide for bills and living expenses.

Qualifying for these programs can be a major challenge. A Kentucky/ Indiana disability attorney at Becker Law Office can help!  Becker Law Office focuses on helping clients collect disability benefits through the administrative systems of the Social Security Administration or the Veterans Administration. If your case goes to court, you’ll be represented by a very experienced legal representative, one whom has helped hundreds of people just like you get the benefits they deserve.  Why risk losing your case or delaying the hiring of an experienced law firm just because you do not know the “ins” and “outs” of the legal process?

Contact Becker Law Office today to start cutting through that government “red tape”!  Just ask, and we’ll set up a FREE consultation to review your case and learn more about how we can help you. We get paid NOTHING unless we win your case!

Types of Disability Benefits

Four types of disability benefits are available to Kentucky and Indiana residents who are unable to work as a result of a medical condition or impairment.

Possible resources for the disabled to receive benefits include:

  • Social Security Disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) actually has two different programs to provide disability benefits to those who cannot work. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides benefits to people who have worked, paid into the social security system and become disabled after working for a long enough period of time. You earned these benefits; now, get back what you earned!  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides disability benefits to people who have not been able to work much, and have limited resources and low or no income, regardless of their work history. Both SSI and SSDI have the same strict definition of what it means to be disabled enough to qualify for benefits.
  • Veterans disability benefits: Those injured while on active duty may seek disability benefits from the Veterans Administration. These benefits are available to those who are at least 10 percent disabled and the benefits can be claimed by those suffering from either physical or mental conditions or both. Your disability will be assigned a rating based on how severe it is, and your benefits payments will be determined based on your disability rating.
  • Workers’ compensation disability benefits. When you get hurt performing necessary work tasks, you can become eligible for disability benefits through workers’ compensation. Employers must purchase workers’ compensation insurance for almost every employee.  When an injury happens on the job and causes you to be temporarily or permanently unable to work, you can receive workers’ compensation disability benefits. These benefits can pay total disability if you are completely unable to work, but can also pay partial disability benefits if you can do some job but must switch to lighter duty or lower paying work. The partial disability benefits make up a portion of the money lost due to the work injury and the need to switch to a lower paying job, or the same job that you have to do with pain.
  • Private disability insurance. You can purchase this insurance yourself or your employer may purchase it as part of your benefits package. Not everyone has private disability insurance but for those who do, this is generally the only type of disability benefits program available that provides monthly income if you suffer a short-term disabling condition. If you do not have private disability insurance, you may be unable to receive any benefits for a short-term condition that lasts for less than a year.

With so many disability benefits programs, it may seem as though it would be easy to get your needs met when you are disabled. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many of the disability benefits programs that exist have a long wait before your claim will be approved. The strict qualifying criteria can result in numerous denials. Also, government efforts to fight fraud can result in legitimate benefits applications being denied.

One of Our Disability Benefits Lawyers Can Help!

Not having any paycheck coming in can be a very frightening prospect.  Worrying about how to get benefits can actually make your medical condition worse in many cases.

You need to focus on your medical needs while our legal professionals protect your legal rights.

One of our disability lawyers and staff at Becker Law Office will:

  • Advise you as to which disability benefits programs you may be eligible. In some cases, you may qualify for more than one type of disability benefits.
  • Help you to complete your application for disability benefits. Both the VA and the Social Security Administration (SSA) have very long waits before a claim is approved. With the SSA, it could take as long as four to six months on average to get an answer on your claim.  At the VA, things are actually even worse as there is a backlog of more than 600,000 veterans who have been waiting months to have their claims reviewed. You don’t want to do anything to slow down the process and an experienced disability team will help to ensure your application is complete and things are moving forward.
  • Assist in proving your eligibility for benefits.  More than half of all social security disability claims are denied, and the VA, workers’ compensation insurers and private disability insurers also deny legitimate claims on a regular basis. You need to make a strong, solid case to show that you are entitled to benefits. Becker Law Office will help you gather medical evidence and present your evidence to have your claim approved.
  • Help to appeal a benefits denial. A denial of a disability benefits claim can be devastating. However, denials are not final.  If the VA denies your claim or gives you a low disability rating, there are multiple levels of appeal including filing a Notice of Disagreement with your local VA; appealing to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and appealing to the U.S. Court for Veterans’ Claims. The SSA and workers’ compensation also have appeals processes, although the steps are somewhat different for each.  For the SSA, for example, you’ll make a request for reconsideration, then have a disability benefits hearing, then have the hearing decision reviewed and finally appeal to a federal court. Becker Law Office will guide you through whatever methods of appeal are necessary and will stand up for your rights and argue on your behalf.
  • Take action if benefits are stopped. The term of your disability benefits will vary depending on your situation and the types of benefits you are receiving, but you are typically entitled to ongoing benefits for as long as you qualify as disabled.   If your benefits stop early or unexpectedly for any reason, a disability benefits attorney can help you to find out why and can work on your behalf to restore your benefits.

When you work with Becker Law Office, you are assured of having the experience you need to get the benefits you deserve! Don’t delay — contact Becker Law Office today at our offices in Louisville or Lexington.  We accept cases throughout Kentucky and Indiana, and even the region as a whole!

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