Medical Product Cases We Handle

At Becker Law Office, we have successfully represented people harmed by unsafe medical devices and defective products ranging from bone grafts to birth control devices. We have developed an in-depth knowledge about these unsafe products to make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Representing Victims of Medical Product Injuries

Our medical device injury lawyers at Becker Law Office focus on investigating cases involving injuries from certain defective medical devices and dangerous products. This focus allows us to develop a detailed understanding of these complex products. Our attorneys apply our knowledge of the defective products to pursue maximum compensation from the at-fault parties and their insurance companies. The types of medical devices and dangerous products that we investigate include:

How a Medical Product Injury Attorney Can Help

Cases involving defective medical devices are complex cases to pursue, requiring an attorney to develop a detailed knowledge of the product and a command of the legal issues involved. An experienced attorney will fully investigate how the unsafe product caused your injury, identify all the potentially liable parties, keep track of filing deadlines and consult with medical experts about the unsafe products to build a compelling case for compensation. If you have suffered a disabling injury, you may require ongoing medical care and physical therapy. We work with a life care planner to develop an estimate of your future medical expenses so they are taken into account in any settlement.

You cannot control the harm a dangerous product causes. But you can regain control of your life after a serious injury caused by an unsafe product by selecting the right attorney to pursue your case. Because we are selective about the medical product cases we handle, our product liability attorneys bring an in-depth understanding of specific unsafe products and their harmful side effects to each case we handle. That allows us to pursue the maximum recovery.

Our Medical Product Injury Attorneys Seek Full Recovery for Clients

At Becker Law Office, our goal is to deliver the best results for the client, whether that involves negotiating a full settlement or seeking a jury award in court. Attorney Kevin Renfro has been handling personal injury cases for more than 30 years and typically is successful in skillfully negotiating a full settlement for the client without going to trial. If an insurance company refuses to step up and make a fair settlement in your case, we then work with the nationally recognized trial attorneys at Bubalo Goode Sales & Cronen to seek justice for you through a trial. We offer both highly skilled negotiators and skilled litigators!

We offer a free initial consultation to review the details of your injury and explain your legal rights so that you can decide how you wish to proceed. If we take your case, we will pursue it on a contingent fee basis and advance the costs of hiring experts to pursue the claim. We are proud to use our legal skills to help families in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee.

We know that recovering from a serious injury is stressful enough without having to deal with insurance companies and legal issues on your own. Let us help. We are available to answer your questions. For more information about how a personal injury attorney at Becker Law Office may assist you if you have been harmed by a medical device or unsafe product, please call us or use our online attorney contact form.

Our goal in handling these complex cases is to pursue a maximum recovery for our clients.

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