A Guide to Help Make the Right Nursing Home Choice


Many families have to face the choice of putting a parent or elderly loved one in a nursing home. Sometimes, families reach that crossroads after months or even years of thought. More often, families are forced by events such as sudden illness or other unexpected events to make a quick decision and find new living arrangements for an elderly loved one.

Recognizing that one of every 200 Kentucky residents live in a nursing home and many families go through this transition, the Becker Law Office has developed an eBook to help families make an informed nursing home decision.

Selecting the right nursing home can be an overwhelming ordeal without some informed guidance. We want you to have the benefit of our years of experience assisting families of nursing home residents and our insights about the needs of nursing homes residents. A quick decision may still be a fact-based decision if you know the right questions to ask.

Read Our EBook and Make the Right Choice

This free guide has chapters on topics such as Choosing the Right Type of Care, Understanding How Nursing Homes Are Rated, and Your Loved One’s Rights as a Nursing Home Resident as well as many useful links to other helpful resources. It’s intended to provide information to help you evaluate the nursing homes and long-term care facilities you are considering.

We’ve included a helpful checklist of questions on page 7 to ask and things to look for as you visit prospective nursing homes and long-term care facilities. All nursing homes must provide certain basic services, but some facilities offer additional services and programs that may enhance a resident’s stay. You can print out the checklist before you visit a long-term care facility and use it to compare several different facilities.

Becker Law Office wants to make this transition in your family’s life as stress-free as possible and ensure your elderly loved one can enjoy their new home.

Our elders deserve to be treated with respect and to receive the best care possible. Becker Law Office is dedicated to seeing that nursing home residents receive the proper treatment and respect. Our free eBook is part of that commitment.

As you seek to provide the best care for your loved one, we wish you and your family the peace of mind that a well-informed decision brings.


Click the link below to read the Government Report on Nursing Homes: Government Nursing Home Report

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